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self-service laundry machines

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KAAN’s decades of experience and presence in the international market has led to having its own philosophy in the field of laundry machines for self-service. Our customer service, thanks to engineers working with us for many years, ensures smooth installation and also the maintenance is made on site at your laundry.

We take care of all your needs for your laundry

To optimize the work in your laundry we suggest to simplify and combine the washing and drying -ironing. Thanks to washing machines and rotary ironers from KAAN your customers with just a few gestures will rejoice the perfect result.

Take advantage of affordable prices

We are direct importers from Belgium for laundry machines “Primus”. You can buy the machines directly from us without having to ask a reseller. The costs for purchases of large quantities will be significantly reduced.

Your first self-service laundry? We reveal the secrets

  • The place to open a self-service laundry is not to be underestimated, but to be evaluated very carefully. A very busy area, or an area of a densely populated city or even a shopping mall are perfect places to open a self-service laundry.
  • When you have found the right place, the type of furniture is another important aspect: this must be practical, robust and arranged to maximize space. By sending the floor map of your space, we will be happy to offer some interesting solutions. Ask your electrician and plumber for the necessary utilities.
  • A comfortable environment will be the trump card to make your customers feel at ease and enjoy the waiting. Think of comfortable seating and if space permits it, consider to place a coffee and drinks vending machine inside your self-service laundry.
  • Finally, thanks to washing machines and rotary ironers from KAAN, to their simple building, the simplicity of use and the advance of our technology your customers will be assured.
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