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Laundry machines - Second-hand market

Do you need an ironing machine, washing machine or tumble dryer, which is still quite functional, but not necessarily new?

In our KAAN second-hand market, you will find devices of all kinds and sizes. A brief description of the brand, year, model, state of the art and a photo of the equipment will show you at a glance what machine might be suitable for you.

For more information about the machine you are interested in, simply send a non-binding inquiry. Our advice will help you decide for the right device and be satisfied with the price-performance rate.

Do you have a machine that is still working, which you no longer need? Contact us to be able to offer it in our second-hand market. This allows you to spare some money for a device that is no longer used and invest in your next purchase of a flatwork ironer, washer extractor or tumble dryer.

This is how we bring together KAAN's supply and demand. Customer satisfaction is our number .

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