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Quality for success!

Our drying ironers correspond to the most recent technological standards. They are built following the norms of the EU and are adapted to the directives GWI and TÜV. This assures and guarantees their quality.

With our machines you can save the costs for drying the linen and you can reduce the workload of the personnel, eliminating the necessity to spread, to dry, to remove, to refold, humidifying or to dry with the tumble dryer.

Through a long experience and technological knowledge, which are always at the state of the art, we can offer you with our drying ironer a product of high quality. Please have a look at the 20 good reasons why one should choose our products!

We guarantee satisfaction with the product, great longevity and minimal maintenance!

Sincerely yours
Karin Neulichedl

Karin Neulichedl
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