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Gas heated high-spin washers

Gas-heated washer-extractor

As one of the few companies in the market of industrial laundry machines, we offer you washer-extractors with gas heating.

Unlike a conventional boiler, this adapter makes it easy to heat water to 90 degrees. The system developed by us is an add-on module that is installed next to the machine and is activated as a replacement for the electrical heating system.

A major advantage of the gas heating is the energy efficiency associated with efficient cost saving. Gas as fuel is cheaper than electricity and thus guarantees a faster “return on investment” (ROI). The electrical heating remains the same – the system can be operated with gas or electricity.

Thus, you are no longer dependent on a specific energy source. Furthermore, the technology is compatible with every washing machine of any manufacturer.

This technology from KAAN is fully developed and has been proven for decades. The Technical Inspection Association” TÜV” and the Gas and Warmth Institute “GWI” have already certified the adapter. This indicates the reliability and efficiency of the system.

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