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Functions of the ironing machines

Quality, ease of use and stability are the main focus

  • After pressing the start switch, the temperature and the work speed can be selected at will.
  • If you choose to operate the touchpad, the linear display is available in five languages. In addition, the self-diagnosis will alert you about the possible presence of errors. So you will be able to solve many problems by yourself and without having to call the assistance of our customer service.
  • The maximum temperature is limited by a safety thermostat, which is located in the control box.
industrielle Bügelmaschine mit Toucheingabe
  • The flatwork ironer automatically adapts to the temperature. This means that the warmer the temperature, the faster the work.
  • Our system heats the ironing machine from the inside. The laundry is passed through the introduction of heat-resistant Nomex tapes. On the long heated roll, it is both dried and ironed.
  • Flatwork ironers with rear output, thanks to the conveyor belts, forward the ironed laundry to the exit on a table, where it is ready for bending.
  • The flatwork ironers are switched off automatically at the temperature of 120 degrees and 15 minutes after pressing the stop button.
  • The rolls do not require periodic rewinding. The Nomex belts are indeed very resistant to heat and for years you will have no problems being able to work at full capacity.
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