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Flatwork ironers

Flatwork ironers - KAAN®

Success through quality!

First of all, our long experience in the production of flatwork ironers for industrial ironing, allows us to offer technically perfect machines. We rely on a robust design and simplicity of ironing, the result will leave you thrilled.

Drying ironing machine

Digital or with touchpad

Depending on your preference, you can use your professional flatwork ironer with digital function or touchpad. Thanks to the electronic control system, the machine is characterized by a particular simple use.

Ironing by the push of a button

Thus, the temperature control in the digital device is already pre-programmed automatically – just a simple touch on the start button and you can irone. Even during installation and maintenance especially because of the simplified technology, the technician work will be easier. For the heating, you can choose between electric, gas and with the steam option.

Drying ironing machine DVR KAAN

For whom are our ironing machines in use?

Basically, our ironing machine is ideal for restaurants, guest houses, hotels, small laundries and other commercial activities with capacities from 20 kg / h up to 200 kg / h. The crucial factor to save time is to choose the right size of the flatwork ironer. Therefore, our ironing machines have a diameter of 320 mm, 350 mm, 500 mm and 700m and from 130 cm to 310 cm for the roller length.

The hanging and remove laundry, fold it or moisten and dry it in the dryer will not be necessary anymore. Save time and money with a KAAN flatwork ironer. A lot of work can be finished quickly with few people thanks to our ironers.

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Characteristics of the ironing machines

Junior Junior K M G MVR GVR
*Dylinder diameter 320 320 350 500 700 500 700
Adjustable speed
Motor AC
Adjustable temperature
Diagnostic system
Temperature display
Linen input support -
Second linen box opt. -
Upper panel in INOX
Box in INOX -
Automatic switch-off
Linen output front
Linen output back -
*With a bigger cylinder diameter the drying ironer can work faster,
thus raising the hourly output!
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