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Our focus is the production of ironing machines, industrial washing machines and dryers. All our offers are designed to ensure good quality, stability and to be user-friendly. We are constantly looking for improvements for our products in order to satisfy all our customers.


We always find a solution for our customers

Every company has individual needs and for that reason, we offer our products in different models and in different sizes.

Even custom specific requests during the construction can be taken into consideration. KAAN will help you to make the right decision and choice. You will find the most suitable machine that will save you time and money.

For example, the rotary ironers can be equipped with different connections and functions regulated digitally or with a touchpad. The washing machine models differ in capacity, the volume of the drum and the spin speed. Even commercial dryers are available in different capacities and are also stackable.

The details in the menu item.

industrielle Bügelmaschine mit Toucheingabe
Trocknende Bügelmaschine für Servietten
Gasbeheizte Waschschleudermaschinen
Betriebssitz in Südtirol - KAAN Wäschereimaschinen
Goldene gewerbliche Bügelmaschine
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