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your advantages

The rotary ironer KAAN offers many advantages:

We list the five reasons why we recommend to buy one.

Save time

The wet linen can be inserted immediately into the rotary ironer. In a single step it is dried and ironed.You save time and therefore money. A single person can do this work easily.

Energy saving

Streamlined working and efficient isolation of the machine decrease the costs for electricity. You will not need any dryer anymore. The rotary ironer consumes 2/3 the energy of a common dryer. Easy working which makes fum.

Optimized energy consumption

The hot gasses up to 300 degrees, thanks to a fan are aspirated from the roller and channeled in the inside of the machine. This heats the machine further and dries the ironing belts. The electrical machines have the heating components at the bottom. In this way, it heats from the bottom upwards, the guarantee of a perfect heat utilization.

Gentle on clothes

The washed and ironed linen with rotary ironers KAAN – unlike conventional dryers – is treated with utmost care and it is also ironed. The durability of your clothes is thus increased, another money saving advantage.

Good service

Installation and maintenance is guaranteed by our qualified staff quickly and straightforwardly. You just have to call us and we take care of your request.

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