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® trademark

KAAN which operates as company in the field of laundry machinery and produces drying ironing machines is pleased to announce that the Ministry for Economic Development has finally registered the name “KAAN” as a trademark. Why is this important to us?

This trademark is our company’s calling card and reason of proud. It is valuable capital for which we have dedicated a lot of time and money. It represents our products and services and distinguish us from our competitors on the market.

This trademark:

  • influences considerably our decisions relating to purchases
  • awakens emotions in our customers
  • creates and consolidates our “image”, which is to say, our company’s good name
  • justifies confidence in the quality of our products and services

The “R” enclosed in the circle next to the KAAN name constitutes an enormous protection from counterfeiting and abuse (trademark piracy). With all these benefits, it is not surprising that trademarks are considered intellectual property (the estimated value of “Coca-Cola” is approximately 52 billion Euros).

In registering this trademark, the KAAN company is pleased to have taken another step towards competitiveness in the field of laundry machinery. As we have always done, we will continue to provide our customers with our know-how, almost 25 years of experience and our drive to increase our technical level.

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