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It's been about 30 years since KAAN put its first commercial ironer on the market in South Tyrol and great strides have been made since then.

Over the years the offer has expanded with innovative products, quality has improved steadily and functionality has been simplified. Our ambition has paid off and today KAAN is internationally aligned and present in 32 countries worldwide, which make us very proud and keen to strive for perfection.

Betriebssitz in Südtirol - KAAN Wäschereimaschinen

Great service at international level

Among our clients we count hotels, pensions and accommodation of all kinds, as well as restaurants, laundries and other commercial companies, wherever there is the need for professional washers and ironing machines you can find us. A good service is our main prerogative even when our customers are spread all over the world.

Satisfied customers worldwide

Most of our customers are in Europe, from Scandinavia to the countries of Central Europe to the Mediterranean countries. Among others Iceland, Finland, Czech Republic, Germany, Bulgaria, Greece and Spain. We are also present in the Middle East in countries such as Israel, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. We can also count customers in the United States of America, African countries such as Cameroon and South Africa as well as in Asia in Singapore. We look for new customers and are able to assist you all over the world.

Internationaler Vertrieb Wäschereimaschinen
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