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After 20 years of experience in the field of mechanical technology and technical customer service Karl Neulichedl founds his company at Prato Isarco / Alto Adige. With only one employee the concept of the drying ironer gets developed. At the beginning of the business activity the productive part was managed, for logistic reasons, by a third partner. The production amounted three machines in the first year.


Daughter Karin Neulichedl enters in the company as the head of administration.

The production of the ironers is now done at the company’s site. The regional success of the drying ironer leads to an internationalisation of the commercial activities and relationships.
The first exported machine goes beyond the Italian border to Austria.


Extension of the production area to 600 m².


First deliveries of the drying ironer in bigger quantities through a well-known company of the Triveneto, which gets the general reseller licence for the Italian territory. By now the company reached a production capacity of 150 machines per year.


Founder Karl Neulichedl gets honoured for his efforts with the diploma “Working Italy Price”, handed over by the president of the Pragma Grandi Congressi in Bologna, Giovanni Agretti.


Construction of the 500th drying ironer.


Beginning of the works for the new administrative and productive buildings in the new handicraft zone of Cornedo, Province of Bolzano (Alto Adige)


Inauguration of the new company site, equipped with a production area of 1000m², modernized to the state of the art in technology. At the same time also a powder varnishing chamber and a furnace get installed.


The staff has grown to three people in administration and nine in production.


The 15th and 10th anniversaries of two staff members show the loyalty and trust towards the company.


ISO-9001 certification for planning, production and sale of our drying ironers, for the resale of various laundry equipments and the customer service.


Good commercial relationships have been built in the European territory. The drying ironers are exported all over the world.

Through effort, diligence and competence we can today look back upon a proud corporate growth. 18 employees and collaborators are now working at our company, also three salesmen.

Because of the continuously growing demand and the assiduity of our employees we were by now able to produce more than 1.500 drying ironers.


An employee is celebrating its 20-year commitment to the company.


The Ministry for Economic Development has finally registered the name “KAAN” as a trademark. It represents our products and services and sets us apart from our competitors on the market.

Two 20-year service anniversaries are evidence of loyalty to the company. “KAAN” as a trademark


An employee celebrates its 15th anniversary in company.

The company KAAN celebrating their 25th anniversary.


Two people can celebrate their 15th or 20th anniversary.


Completion of 2500. drying ironers



Three employees were able to celebrate an anniversary in 2015. 2 employees celebrated their 20-year company membership and one employee even celebrated its 25th anniversary.


The company KAAN celebrates its 30th anniversary of the company

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