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KAAN® Modern laundry machines for 30 years

KAAN® is a globally active manufacturer of laundry machines based in Blumau near Bolzano, South Tyrol. As manufacturer of ironing machines, the medium-sized company cares about customers in 32 countries worldwide – from the small guesthouse to the five-star hotel.

Ironing machines from KAAN® – quality from the beginning

The core competence of the company is the production of industrial ironing machines – both mangles or dry ironing machines. In 1986 company founder Karl Neulichedl built the first industrial ironing machine. It made it possible to introduce wet laundry from a washer-extractor directly into the flatwork ironers and to iron it dry in one passage. Continuously developed, the KAAN® dry-ironing machine is now equipped with all technical equipment, touchpad and automatic pre-programmed temperature control. Requirements of our customers, can already be taken into consideration during production.

This feature is due to our ten-year experience in the field of ironing machines construction. Our customers appreciate the know-how and personalization we can offer for their ironing machine.
Very demanding commercial machines require development and research which we constantly improve in our laboratory.

The broad range of KAAN® includes in the meantime numerous other laundry machines: commercial washer-extractors, industrial washing machines, hygienic washing machines and industrial dryers. The products stand out for the highest quality in production, simplicity of use and a long and low maintenance lifetime. Laundry machines from KAAN® are used in more than 30 countries – a proof of high quality.

Since many years, requests continue to increase, so we have opened and expanded our distribution channel to other countries, for example in Germany and Austria. That was, and it is a clear sign for us that even outside of South Tyrol KAAN laundry machines have a good reputation and requests are constantly growing. Currently, many of our customers are in Germany, Austria and other European countries. Everywhere there is need of extremely reliable and durable equipment for commercial laundries, our professional products are present.

Goldene gewerbliche Bügelmaschine
Laundry specialist KAAN

Reliable and durable commercial drying ironers

Our reliable commercial dryers are a must for your company. We can provide all the specific information through our team of experts. On our website you will find details of the various commercial models! You will see that we are experts in this field and we will be very careful to advise you on which commercial drier best suits your needs. Therefore, you will not have any nasty surprise because our machines work as our customers expect. Attention to the detail and efficiency is our motto, so the fabric drying process meets all your expectations. Get in touch with us and try it yourself!

Laundry machines from KAAN® – Service from the beginning

From the first call you will find that competence, quality of service and kindness are the cornerstones of our company. The high quality of KAAN's laundry machines and our comprehensive service network are unique features that characterize us in this field. Our colleagues who work in the company for a long time, thanks to their technical expertise and skills, offer telephone and onsite service for 364 days a year. Even the ability to reach an expert almost 24 hours a day 7 days a week is a exclusive advantage. Why do we do it? The quality of our machines is so high that our customers call us very rarely, but to make you sleep well we also offer this service.
Did we convince you?

We look forward to your call!

Your expert for modern laundry technology in South Tyrol

 Expert for modern laundry technology
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